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Welcome to the Koji Club.

The Koji Club is a safe space to demystify sake. We like to have fun. Lucky for us, sake seems to make this happen quite magically. Especially when it’s the good stuff (and here, its all good stuff).

What People Are Saying

“I’m infinitely impressed with every sip and slurp I’ve had from Koji Club, which comes as no surprise. Alyssa is a not only a wealth of knowledge and a passionate, patient teacher, but she navigates the world of sake with an eye for quality and shares her discoveries with palpable enthusiasm. You can’t help but want more!”

Gail Simmons. Food Expert, TV Host and Cookbook Author

“There’s no one I know who is as passionate about both sake and hospitality as Alyssa, which is crystallized with every thoughtful detail that goes into the Koji Club.  Over the last year TKC has transported us from our sofa to remote parts of Japan and brought the sakes we’re sipping to life through touching anecdotes about the producers and what makes them special.  Now that their brick and mortar space is becoming a reality, I see many trips to Boston in my future!”

Monica Samuels. Director of Sake & Spirits, Vine Connections

“Alyssa is one of the most knowledgeable and dialed-inn hospitality professionals I have ever known. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion allows her to take any subject and make it fascinating. Truly, she can do anything and Sake is where she shines. Her heart has been polished and brewed into what is now the Koji Club. Whatever form the Koji Club takes, take note and take notes, there's nothing else like it.”

Tiffani Faison. Chef Owner, Big Heart Hospitality Group

“Like having my own personal sake sommelier securing access to the best juice, plus a gang of friends to drink with me, the Koji Club is a one-of-a-kind addiction that should be on everyone's radar.”

Lauren Daddona. Advanced Sommelier, Portfolio Specialist and Former Wine Director

“Alyssa is a rare combination of fun and knowledge. She is always eager to teach about sake and she makes it easy to learn. I was always intimidated by sake but ever since koji club, it’s become so much more approachable and I had no idea how amazing the world of sake is. I’m a fan of the beverage but also a fan of Alyssa.”

Mohan Kumar. Owner, OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

“Sake is a unique beverage with the potential to appeal to anyone who enjoys a drink, sadly bound up in all kinds of artificial limitations, myths, and misunderstandings. The Koji Club breaks down all those barriers in style, leaving us refreshed and excited about this exciting, refreshing drink. Alyssa brings a depth and breadth of sake knowledge unrivaled in the industry, but what makes The Koji Club so great is that she is the most infectiously exuberant person you’ll ever meet. She’s like Highlights for Children magazine - fun with a purpose. Everyone who has joined the club already knows how lucky they are, and everyone yet to join will wonder why they waited so long; we all can’t wait to see what delicious thing she serves up next.”

Andy Mullins. Director of Retail and Beverage, OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

“Few experiences have been more informative, more enjoyable, and more delicious than our tasting with The Koji Club. Alyssa brings her vast knowledge of sake (from the process to the history and tasting notes) and creates a fun, welcoming environment. We left our session feeling more comfortable in the world of sake and have since purchased a number of bottles to try.” 

Brian Samuels, Photographer

"Alyssa's enthusiasm for sake is downright infectious, just like her laugh. While her depth of knowledge is vast, she's more than willing to share it in a way that could make even the beginnerest of beginners feel comfortable. The Koji Club has crystalized that into a perfect package, and thankfully, has been able to share it in a way that makes everyone feel invited to the party."

Cherry Iocovozzi, East Fork Pottery

“I was lucky to be able to photograph The Koji Club and see how it brings people together through conversation and my favorite beverage, sake. Tasting varieties of sake layered with Alyssa's passion and knowledge is an experience not to be missed!” 

Kristin Teig

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