This month we partnered with the Rare Tea Company and Henrietta Lovell. Henrietta supplies tea to the best restaurants in the world. Multiple Michelin Stars pour her leaves all over the world. In our exclusive interview with her, she connects the dots between sake and tea, schools us on the best beverage pairings, recounts her world travels and more.

This kit is a BIG WARM HUG. In this month’s Koji Club meeting, we are going to demystify the temperature in which sake can be served as well as travel the world with Henrietta.



Your kit includes:

A Copy of Henrietta’s highly acclaimed “Infused: Adventures in Tea” book

Each chapter sends you around the world to the many places she visits

One 25g Tin of Jasmine Silver Tip Tea

One 720ml Bottle of Kubota Senjyu from Niigata

A Koji Club branded Insulated mug to keep your tea & sake warm

“An Hommage to Henrietta” infusion recipe

A Club Meeting to Discuss Warm Sake Best Practices and World Travel

PS: This kit is wrapped like a gift… in case you want to send it to someone you love who deserves a big warm hug too. Email Alyssa about shipping. Pics to follow.

A clip from the interview:

“HENRIETTA:  [With pairings and most things,] you have to be open minded, be willing to break norms and stereotypes to really make a revolution. The lovely thing about tea is that there is no norm. No one is saying to you “you have to do it like this” the only thing holding us back is ourselves and our preconceptions.

ALYSSA:  I fully agree and I feel like that is the same philosophy behind sake as well because especially in the United States there is not a wide knowledge of what sake is or how it can be used. And that is the mission of the koji club is get people to think outside the box when it comes to sake and pair...

HENRIETTA: ...Sorry to interrupt. We suffer from the same problem. A lot of people have had an experience with sake which was not particularly good, hot sake in a restaurant. It was made industrially at a low price to throw out at restaurants to drink without consideration. And [guests] write it all off as a bad lot. 

The same is very much with tea. They might try industrial tea in a tea bag that is made for price over flavor and think that is what tea is. And they invested time and money in that and it’s not worth it. 

We suffer from the same need for people to try something delicious. Once they try a different experience, they are done and they LOVE sake or they LOVE tea.

ALYSSA:  Completely. I completely agree with you. And anyone who watches this, who has attended a Koji club meeting is going to giggle at the amount of times they've heard this for me, but I'm so validated to hear it from you.

HENRIETTA: Let’s not give up. Tenacity is the thing. I’ve been selling tea since 2004, and still meet it everyday. We can change the world, we just have to keep going. And sometimes we run into difficulties and it looks like a roadblock but it’s not, there is always a way around.”