Welcome back!!!!
I have missed you SO much.

February 3rd is my birthday. Yes please wish me a Happy Birthday. I love my birthday (duh). A wise friend once shared with me that in some Coast Salish communities in the Pacific Northwest, it is tradition to give gifts on your birthday. My gift to you? Wait for it…

This month’s kit is a valentine to our favorite restaurants: three amazing bottles of sake that pair perfectly with our favorite take out. 

We are calling it our “ReIntroduction Kit” (the kit formerly known as “basics”) to reintroduce first time Koji Club members to the major categories of sake but also reintroduce existing members to three new expressions of each category of sake. To spice up our quar lives, we are going to focus on food pairings this month for each of the included bottles.

Devra First of the Boston Globe shared last week that it is our “civic duty” to order take out. So here is the deal:

  1. Buy a ReIntroduction Kit
  2. Sign up for a Club Meeting. Each week will have a non-traditional (not sushi) cuisine theme. 
  3. A GIFT: The first person to sign up for each club meeting will receive a gift of $25 towards their takeout for the evening (you can only be gifted once). Feel free to sign up for more than one week. The code included in your kit will last for the whole month.
  4. There is an extra club meeting on Valentine’s Day… Will you be mine?

Club Meeting Themes will go live on 2/1.
Email me your favorite take out please?
Each week will have a cuisine theme.

I love restaurants. I actually dream about them now. Let’s do our civic duty and celebrate my birthday the Coast Salish way. I miss you and can’t wait to see your faces again. If you feel like you want to gift me something, buy one of these kits for a friend and invite them to join the party.

Air Hugs + High Fives,