My mission for this December is to make it COUNT. We have been rocked this year in every which way and we deserve a grand finale filled with sake, cake and as much JOY as we can squeeze in. Right? Right.

This month's kit features the Queen of Cake, Folu Akinkuotu who kindly created a sake kasu cake recipe for us to bake. Click Here for the Blog Post + Recipe.

The kasu in the kit is from Kato Sake Works in Bushwick, Brooklyn. You also get two bottles of sake from Kato Sake Works: one bottle of namazake and one bottle of nigori. Does Alyssa love nigori now? Has the pandemic changed her mind? Ask her in a club meeting.

During this month's club meeting, we are going to "walkthrough" Kato Sake Brewery in Bushwick to see how a small domestic producer makes such yummy sake.