The Koji Club is a virtual sake bar and a super safe space to drink with new friends, ask questions and learn the info needed to feel empowered to order or buy sake. Your beach kit contains individual “servings” of cups and cans of Japanese sake that are made for consuming oceanside. 

NOTE: These little containers are 180 ml (6 oz) so please consider them “two glasses of sake” in one to not get too tipsy. We don’t want the lifeguards coming after you.

This kit includes a Club Meeting (via Zoom) with host and Advanced Sake Professional, Alyssa Mikiko DiPasquale. You can sign up for the meeting at

Beach Kit Bottle List:

2 Cups of Amabuki “Ichigo” (Strawberry) Junmai Ginjo 180ml

2 Cans of Bushido “Way of the Warrior” Ginjo Genshu 180ml

2 Cups of Miyozakura “Panda” Junmai 180ml

1 Soft Pack Cooler